Saturday, May 06, 2017


Hello, its been awhile and it's almost half of 2017. can you believe it ? huhu how time flies sooo fast!

so, i'm back to let you know that i'm doing half okay and half not okay. the okay part is that i'm healthy and getting better with my own life. the not okay part is too much assignments and projects but so little time to get it done. hope i'll survive my last semester of my second year here.

as you can see from the topic, yes, i'm going to write about my first time working experience. actually, it's my first day. I work at hotel near my university so probably if one of you know where is it, just ehem be quiet haha. I went to work with my friends by bus. It was 3.30 pm and we wait at the bus stop nearly half an hour for the bus. And our way there, the bus suddenly stop. oh my goodness, and we need to punch our cards at 5pm and that time was 4.30 pm. We were very worried at that moment. The bus driver asked everyone to stay calm because there'll be another bus come and get us.

When the other bus arrived, dia punya driver bawak boleh tahan laju hahaha. but I was fine with it because nak cepat kan. and then sampai hotel tu punya lari weh! hahaha sebab tempat ambik card tu and tempat nak punch card tu jauh gila so me and my friend memang lari lah cerita dia.

Bila dah safely punch card, kitorang rilek sikit, take a breath first. cuz damn, baru first day kerja! haha, anyway, next kitorang tunggu dalam office hotel tu. and then orang kat sana suruh makan dulu. so, we went to their staff cafeteria. damn, makanan semua nampak sedap yelahkan sebab hotel and the best part is, ALL FREE but sayang I am too full because I just ate before pergi kerja.

After that, we had briefing before we start doing our work. Me and my friends incharge of food and beverage. We need to take the plates and all of the food yang pelanggan or orang yang datang hotel tu dah habis makan. We start from 6.30 pm until 10.30 pm. Can't believe near 10 pm pun ramai still datang cafe tu nak makan aduh. penat lah jugak but it was fun because so many work can be done and tak awkward because all the staffs there are so nice and kind. They kindly teach us what we don't know and kitorang ni pun taklah pandai sangat so kena pandai tanya lah kan.

After 10.30 pm, all of my friends kena help bahagian belakang sebab diorang nak settlekan pinggan, cawan apa semua. so we just help transfer from trolley ke tempat basuh basuh tu. and then we help basuh trolley apa semua tu. and then we need to wipe all the things yang dah basuh. guys, bukan 100 200 but its nearly 800 things yang kena lap. imagine that! but it was fun because get to learn new things hehe

We wiped all of it nearly 1 am. yup, itu pun ada lagi yang tak habis wipe and susun kat depan bahagian cafe tu lagi. When all of my friends and I dah habis buat kerja, kitorang nak balik pukul 1 pagi tu sebab yelah dah macam zombie hahahaha and then jumpa pic tempat tu. hahahaha they was so kind and they hope we come again next time hehe.

After that, we headed to the cafeteria to eat. damn, banyak gila makanan and semua sedap!

And that's the end of my first day and my first time working experience. Well actually, I'm planning to work during the semester break but I still don't have any idea what to work because my dad is strict when it comes to talk about working so I decided nak cari pengalaman dulu nak test I boleh tak kerja yang penat gila macam angkat barang and then layan orang semua. AND I DONE IT GUYS. I never been so proud of myself. macam nak bagi diri sendiri award tapi macam overkan sebab baru first day ahahaha. maybe bila dah dapat kerja full time, I bagi diri sendiri award lol.

Thank you guys, sudi baca blog ni(eventhough I know no one read it) I hope you guys enjoy your life while you still can and be happy okay!