Monday, October 16, 2017


Hello everyone.

Actually, I want to do my assignments but I can't remember the codes lol so I ended up open my blog.

Just now, I cried. again.

Because of the same person. Over the past six years. I've been crying over and over again just because of you. Why can't I just learn my lesson ? I just take a step to uninstall all my social media in my phone.

I just need to take a break from all this madness. I just need some time what life really means. What I really need in my life right now, is just some time with my family and friends.

I don't need another heartbreak from the same person for the past six years. In case you did not know, it hurts a lot. Getting your hopes high was never a good thing i tell ya. I just don't see myself in relationship in the future. He just make me look like a fool for the past six years. Sorry.

I need to love myself first before I can love someone else. I just hate being unappreciated ever again. I need to focus more on myself. I hope I can find peace for the time being. Pray for me. Bye.